Axel Martinez

Independent circus artist for 13 years and professional juggler, he practices diabolo, clown, fire-eater, etc. He started his artistic career in 2010 at the Prometheus Circus School in Caracas (Venezuela). Afterwards, he developed his skills by working in many countries: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Croatia… Arrived in France in 2018, he continues to practice juggling with balls and clubs in order to always improve. He has worked with different companies and, since his arrival as a pedagogical speaker at the Maison des Jonglages in 2021, he has been supervising various projects, whether in a medical environment, in prison, in the social field or in schools, and knows how to adapt to all the audiences he works with. It offers a wide range of juggling objects, from the classic to the unusual, and gradually leads the participants to manipulate various objects and materials while exploring movement and creativity.

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