Artistic and cultural education pathway

Action culturelle

  • Kindergarten and elementary courses

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  • The Courneuve
  • Du Sunday 30 January 2022
  • au Monday 06 June 2022

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  • The Courneuve
  • Le Wednesday 06 July 2022


Within the framework of the PEAC (Plan of artistic and cultural education) within the establishments of the city of La Courneuve, we propose three courses deployed within 12 classes of the city:

1. Juggling and puppet course for the very young

The children are led to juggle both with classic or diverted objects and to manipulate puppets created during the interventions. They will learn to tell stories from the objects and experiment with their expressive properties.

2. Mini Juggling Course

This course is built around the festival Rencontre des Jonglages in La Courneuve. The objective is to introduce students to the world of contemporary circus, particularly juggling, and to allow them to become familiar with a live art festival. Throughout the year, the students are involved in the creation of a juggling flash mob that is performed for other students and their families in the Fraternity Square during the Festival on Children’s Day.

3. Small stories of the contemporary circus

A series of workshops to introduce juggling, discover the history of the circus and explore the world of the new circus through archival documents on the Fratellini family. After discovering the site of the National Archives of Pierrefitte/Seine, the students investigate with the help of public and private archive documents to reconstruct the family tree and the daily life of the Fratellinis over 5 generations.

4. Mini Reporter

Children’s festival! The students benefit from a mini-festival day specially designed during the week of the Festival. This day is for all classes involved in PEAC projects. The students of this course are the ambassadors of this day, by participating with the team of La Maison des Jonglages in the preparations of this day.

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