Cultural actions

Cultural projects in schools

La Maison des Jonglages has been working for several years now with schools, from kindergarten to high school in La Courneuve and in the Ile-de-France region, and weaves courses where the student sharpens his gaze on the world of live performance. .

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Amélie Coquerelle – // 01 49 92 60 54

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Social field and amateur practices

La Maison des Jonglages implements artistic and cultural education projects with groups around the scheduled shows. A course composed of several stages, built in close relationship with each partner: introduction to juggling with video excerpts from shows, outings to shows, practical workshops, artistic impromptu, outings to the festival… And, sometimes even, participatory projects where those and those who wish become actors in a performance or an ephemeral installation!

So if you like juggling, crafts, photography… whatever your age, join us for an adventure that’s rich both artistically and humanly!