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Summer program outside the walls

Complicated program outside the walls June and July 2023.

©Tomas Amorim

Discover the photos of the heart of the festival ©Tomás Amorim

The Festival Rencontre des Jonglages in La Courneuve is over but you can find us now at our partners' place until May 14th!

Upcoming shows


Cie Unisphère

  • Public space
  • Foot
  • Sunday 02 June 2024 / 15:00
©L'envolée cir

Le vertige de l’envers

L'Envolée Cirque

  • Craation 2023, Public space, Small format
  • Balance, Balls, Newspaper
  • Without words
  • Sunday 02 June 2024 / 16:30

Upcoming cultural actions

The Kor company in schools in Bondy

Compagnie Kor is in residence at Bondy's Jean Rostand elementary school in 2023-2024, offering students and teachers a series of workshops to discover and practice sport and musical juggling.

  • Residence action
  • [Intervenants]
  • Jean-Baptiste Diot

Adapted juggling workshops

Disabled adults from the Couleurs et Création association's circus workshop will take part in a series of workshops to discover and practice juggling, with adapted exercises and games designed to develop fine motor skills, concentration, listening, cooperation and creativity.

  • Culture & Health, Participatory workshop
  • Thursday 30 May 2024 / 10:30
  • Thursday 27 June 2024 / 10:30
  • Monday 01 July 2024 / 14:30
  • Thursday 04 July 2024 / 14:30
  • [Intervenants]
  • Axel Martinez

On ne va pas se défiler ! – Cultural Olympiad 24

The Jean Houdremont cultural center and the Maison des Jonglages in La Courneuve are working with the Cheptel Aleïkoum to co-construct with young amateurs a course mixing circus techniques with acrobatic stunts and object manipulation, a fanfare and percussion set in motion, acrobatic cycling and bicycle floats. We are working with different clubs and associations in the sports and social field to write together the Courneuvian segment of this great parade according to the desires and wealth present in the city

  • Outside the walls
  • Sunday 23 June 2024 / 17:00
  • [Intervenants]
  • Cheptel Aleikoum

Upcoming trainings