Jonglages is a journal supported by the Maison des Jonglages.
This publication is dedicated to the practices and works that demonstrate points of view on juggling.
So many approaches that are part of this artistic field or question it.


© Thomas-Brosset


Jonglage et Gymnastique Rythmique

14 April 2024

Débutez la journée professionnelle de la 17e Rencontre des Jonglages le 26 avril 2024 en participant à un temps d’échange autour de deux pratiques distinctes aux objets communs. Retrouvez les invitées de la quatrième matinée de la revue, de 10h à 12h, à la médiathèque Aimée Césaire de La Courneuve.

© Christian Coumin


Meeting with Christian Coumin

14 April 2024

Before attending the core shows of the 17th Rencontre des Jonglages, come and listen to and take part in the first Midi de la revue.
April 27, 2024, from 12pm to 1:30pm, in studio 2 of the Houdremont cultural center in La Courneuve.


Meet Lila Chupa-Hoops

14 April 2024

On the occasion of the second lunchtime review of the 17th Rencontre des Jonglages, another opportunity to hear an actress and witness to the recent history of juggling! April 28, 2024 from 12pm to 1:30pm in Studio 2 at the Houdremont cultural center in La Courneuve.


Curiosité jonglistique


Juggling with shit

Nathan Israël’s second contribution, following on from “Jongler avec la mort” (Juggling with death), this provocatively-titled text is yet another invitation to poetically explore the thoughts of a juggler from the very beginning.

After death and before love, this is the place for a very special material to think about the scabrous, the formless and the visceral in art and, more broadly, our relationship with a damaged world.

Entre arrêt et mouvement

Dialogue | Improvisation

Juggling through the lens of stop motion

In order to put Olivier Burlaud’s contribution dedicated to stop motion into perspective, the magazine’s team asked the juggler Julien Ladenburger to consider and illustrate the place of this stopping principle in his practice and his career.

While sharing with us his reflections and artistic research, he testifies to the interest that this notion has for him and what it brings him.


Entre la vie et la mort


The paradox of juggling

“When does my juggling die? When is it born?”

Conversation of a juggler with himself, in a game of absurd, smiling and… paradoxically enlightening.


Juggling with death

From a deep and meaningful expression, the juggling author delivers a poetic mediation intended to characterize death in juggling.

By considering both the vitality and the deadly character of various facts and phenomena, he reflects with humility, humor and provocation on his double condition of human being and juggler.


© Collectif Protocole

Sound Documentary

Valentina. How can I put it?

Three clubs, microphones, a recorder. A juggler and a gleaner of sounds. A poem to listen to with headphones.

This sound score tells the story of the transformation of a juggling act that can only be expressed in the interaction with the other.

© Fabien Plasson


Pim pam

An attempt to write from the piece for seven jugglers and a drummer Dans les plis du paysage, resulting from the meeting between Esther Friess and the scenic universe of the Collectif Petit Travers.

The author, who borrows a lexical field close to the one intimately summoned to the stage by the company, gives us a literary experience of juggling, illustrated by some drawings and photographs of the show.

Call for papers

Writings: dealing with juggling

The editorial committee of the magazine Jonglages is opening a first thematic dossier dedicated to a particular meaning of the word “writing”, a meaning that refers to juggling inscribed or destined to be inscribed at the very heart of a work and its creative process.

Because writing with juggling implies a variety of practices and works, this call for contributions was conceived as an invitation to establish benchmarks to best speak of what exists among juggling.