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A magazine dedicated to the art of juggling and (what) makes it

Since the creation of the Maison des Jonglages in 2008, the expression “juggling” has been used to refer to a set of artistic practices and works that include approaches and points of view that refer to juggling, both in order to fit into an artistic field and to question it.

These juggles are the result of initiatives made possible by a number of actors, networks, frameworks of experience and contexts. The contributions of the magazine
will be dedicated to them.

In order to be accessible worldwide and to a readership interested in the art of juggling, this magazine will be bilingual (English-French), free and available on a digital platform. Its modular architecture will eventually make room for other publication media (print version, readings, projections, exhibitions, etc.).

Main objectives

– To be a reflexive and critical mirror for jugglers and artists by questioning and nuancing what makes up the heritage of juggling and the representations we have of it today;
– To give access to the sensitive material of juggling through different media and supports;
– To have a field of study in which to mobilize different fields and approaches (artistic and/or academic) that are not solely related to performing arts studies;
– Update the progress of research, projects and works, whether they are in progress or finalized.


– Thematic files and other sets of contributions;
– Articles (academic and journalistic), essays, reviews and other kinds of literary production, as well as dialogues (interviews, roundtables, etc.), or free productions – such as cartes blanches ;
– Contributions mobilizing different media (textual, iconographic, audio, video).

Founding team

Cyrille Roussial
Vincent Berhault
Gentian Guillot
Thomas Guérineau
Agathe Dumont