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Passed News 2023

©Darragh McLoughlin (MATERIA)

Deriving a circus work: the case of MATERIA

18 March 2023

Several guests are waiting for you at the second Midi de la revue, on Sunday, April 16, 2023, starting at noon, to discuss the issues and modalities of transmission involved in the iteration of a juggled work. An experimental process on which Andrea Salustri Utka Gavuzzo and the team of the European project The Sphere which accompanied them will return.

© Guy Waerenburgh

Meeting with Anne-Agathe Prin

17 March 2023

A new time of exchange with an actress and witness of the recent history of juggling, on April 15, 2023 from 12:00 pm at the Houdremont cultural center.

© Thomas Brosset

In front of, behind the object?

17 March 2023

What place should be given to what is the object of a juggling work?
This is the question that will animate the exchanges of the guests of the third morning of the review, on April 14, 2023, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the cinema L'Étoile.

Passed News 2022

Meeting with Adolfo Rossomando

31 March 2022

The media that have fueled the recent history of juggling will be honored from April 8 to 10!
(Re)discover, for one morning, publications and media dedicated to juggling.
Adolfo Rossomando will also be with us during the heart of the Juggling Encounter: come and share the media about juggling that has meant something to you!

A test news

4 February 2022

We have selected with experienced French teachers texts that are easy to read and fun. At the end of the texts, an exercise in the form of MCQs allows you to validate your knowledge. It should be noted that the free edition of the texts in PDF form is a real plus. From now on the language of Molière will have no more secrets for you.

Launch of revue Jonglages

2 February 2022

The revue Jonglages team is pleased to announce its launch during the Rencontre des Jonglages festival. Meet us in Houdremont, cultural center of La Courneuve, April 8th-10th, to celebrate!