Deriving a circus work: the case of MATERIA

©Darragh McLoughlin (MATERIA)

Starting this year, the editorial committee of the magazine Jonglages proposes other times of exchange, the Midis de la revue. Before attending the shows, come and listen to and participate in these moments intended to gather the words of people who are actors and witnesses of the recent history of juggling!


This dialogue focuses on the process of transmission of a work byAndrea Salustri, from its creation to its iteration by Utka Gavuzzo: on the one hand, we have MATERIA (2021), an original work by Andrea Salustri; on the other hand, we have MATERIA 3.0 – Aerogami (2023), a derivative work by Utka Gavuzzo. Within the framework of the European project of research-creation The Sphere, Andrea Salustri wrote a love letter addressed to any person who would like to play the game of the iteration of his work. MATERIA 3.0 is one of the answers brought by Utka Gavuzzo.

On the occasion of the heart of the festival, these two jugglers and the team that accompanied them will attend the performances of
. The main interest of this time of exchange is therefore to bring together witnesses of this journey orchestrated by the collective The Sphere, and which now calls for reflection based on the shared experience of each. What is the iteration and derivation of a juggling work? In view of what this experimental process of transmission brings us, what can we wish, recommend and envisage for the future of juggling creation?

The purpose of this meeting is to raise a number of issues involved in the shared authorship of MATERIA. This dialogue was thus conceived as an opportunity to discuss the place and responsibility of two jugglers as authors in this experimental process.

With : Vincent Berhault, Erik Bordeleau, Utka Gavuzzo and Andrea Salustri

These exchanges, led by Cyrille Roussial, will be published in the journal.

Practical information

Sunday, April 16, 2023, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Houdremont cultural center, La Courneuve

free entry


Andrea Salustri comes from Rome, where he learned juggling, fire manipulation, and worked as a street performer. After studying philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, he moved to Berlin to train in contemporary dance. He first attended the intensive dance program at Tanzfabrik Berlin, and then obtained a degree in dance and choreography at the HZT University in Berlin. Andrea is a circusnext award-winning artist (2018-2019).

Utka Gavuzzo was born in Argentina and trained as an artist while traveling in more than thirty countries. His first encounter with the artistic movement began with the practice of martial arts at an early age. When he entered the world of circus, he understood that everything served to create a personal language. Since the age of 17, he has traveled the world attending workshops and training in circus and performing arts disciplines. Finding a great affinity for juggling, dance and theater, his research is oriented towards gesture and body development.

The Sphere is a transdisciplinary European research-creation collective funded by the “Creative Europe” program. Its main objective is to radically change the way we conceive and manage creative processes and intellectual property in the performing arts. More broadly, The Sphere project investigates the ways in which we can express and organize ourselves around artistic proposals and ideas. In the spirit of the open-source movement, he is developing a web 3.0 platform where each agent of the performing arts ecosystem can participate directly in the elaboration of new organizational, aesthetic and economic forms.