15 years!

15 years of happiness, celebrations and warm exchanges for thousands of spectators and artists.

15 years sharing this simple pleasure, yet so rich and infinite, which consists of playing with objects and manipulating matter, like a child picks up and throws away to be in the world, like a cat grabs a little piece of paper.

15 years is the vital energy of youth that gives wings to apprehend the future with an ever so insatiable curiosity to discover the world.

To celebrate this moment we will, this year, more than ever, travel!

From Japan to Polynesia via the United States, we will be moved and transported by imaginations from elsewhere.
United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Austria or Germany, the Juggling Meeting will in particular honor a cultural Europe, here in La Courneuve in Seine-Saint-Denis, and from there, invited to radiate to the four corners of the Île-de-France.

Through another journey through knowledge and practices, we will see anthropologists questioning the world with jugglers, we will participate in the Olympic Games of juggling, a competition where everyone will win, and finally we will go back 4000 years to discover the unknown origins of juggling!

The crisis we are going through will have shown us that staying at home has not taken away the vital desire to go and see the confines of ourselves, of others and of the world thanks to invitation and sharing.

Let’s celebrate these 15 years so promising and continue to grow by animating together the objects that surround us!

Vincent Berhault
Director of the Maison des Jonglages