Juggling, a gateway to sport

The practice of juggling is a driving force for artistic creativity but it is also a fun-sporting activity, an exciting pastime requiring perseverance and training in order to be able to continuously progress.

If we take up the vision of certain sociologists, an artist and a sportsperson are like “companion species” who must learn to converse. No one is fooled by the idea that they will become what the other is, yet everyone completely respects the other’s universe and enjoys traveling in it.

How to succeed in communicating with different perceptions of the world?

What relationships are built on the awareness of the gaps between the practices, habits and knowledge of each?

So many questions that feed an art/sport approach for the projects of the Maison des Jonglages while contributing to the dialogue between different components of society.

Each year, one or two art/sport creation projects are presented during the season or in the festival and the cross-fertilization of amateur practices leads to participative creations with the inhabitants.

This approach makes all the more sense in the context of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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