The Rencontre des Jonglages festival has become in 15 editions in La Courneuve and 6 editions on the scale of Ile-de-France an event not to be missed in this artistic field, as much for the public, Courneuve but also regional, national and even international, as for the professionals.

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Ateliers Hebdomadaires de Jonglage(s)

21 September 2022

Ateliers de jonglage pour les 6-12 ans

Venez découvrir et pratiquer le jonglage de manière ludique !
Au programme : initiation aux arts du jonglage avec différents objets classiques ou insolites, préparation de petits numéros présentés chaque trimestre aux parents autour d’un goûter.

Discover the press review

29 July 2022

Discover the press articles about the festival Rencontre des Jonglages 2022

The Sphere: Call for projects!

29 July 2022

Performing Arts and Circus Artists: Welcome to The Sphere!

This is not a usual call for projects with institutional financial support.
We approach the question of funding as part of the art itself. We are shifting the hierarchies of institutional control and giving people a voice.

Summer program outside the walls

29 July 2022

Complicated program outside the walls June and July 2022.

Discover the photos of the heart of the festival ©Tomás Amorim

29 July 2022

The Festival Rencontre des Jonglages in La Courneuve is over but you can find us now at our partners' place until April 25th!

Upcoming shows

Macarena de Noia

Circus Night : Juventud

Nicanor De Elia

  • Long form
  • Rings
  • Graphic manipulation
  • Saturday 12 November 2022 / 21:00

Tangled Drops

Tabaimo & Jörg Müller

  • Visual arts
  • Friday 02 December 2022 / 19:00

Upcoming cultural actions

The Banquet of the five senses – Art of gesture and culinary art

The Maison des Jonglages is developing a series of transdisciplinary workshops, between object manipulation, body movement and culinary art, for different audiences in La Courneuve, Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis. From the know-how and the exchange around the recipes and culinary traditions of the participants, the artists, cook and circus artist, will propose to compose a cooked and juggled symphony, a spectacular form soliciting the 5 senses, which will be presented in the form of convivial performative banquets.

  • Atelier Participatif
  • Thursday 15 September 2022 / 18:00
  • Saturday 17 December 2022 / 20:00
  • [Intervenants]
  • Axel Martinez
  • Dimas Tivane
  • Magali Wehrung

Taiji – artistic workshops with the Compagnie Defracto

The Defracto Company is hosted by the Maison des Jonglages for a territorial residency supported by the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis in 2022-2023.

Guillaume Martinet and Margot Seigneurie propose a series of initiation and practice workshops for different audiences in order to introduce them to the artistic universe of the company through the Taiji project.

  • Residence action
  • Monday 13 June 2022 / 14:30
  • Tuesday 14 June 2022 / 09:00
  • Thursday 16 June 2022 / 14:30
  • Friday 17 June 2022 / 09:00
  • Thursday 29 September 2022 / 09:00
  • Friday 30 September 2022 / 09:00
  • Thursday 06 October 2022 / 09:00
  • Friday 07 October 2022 / 09:00
  • [Intervenants]
  • Guillaume Martinet
  • Margot Seigneurie

Paroles et Gestes Libres – artistic workshops in penitentiaries

La Maison des Jonglage proposes to the Centre Pénitentiaire de la Santé and to the Centre pénitentiaire de Villepinte two workshop courses around the art of gesture and the art of speech with the detainees. Thus, Gilles Dodemont, juggling artist and Aurélie Ruby, actress and director at the Centre Pénitentiaire de la Santé and Axel Martinez, juggler and Aurélie Ruby at the Centre pénitentiaire de Villepinte propose a series of workshops involving the body, objects and speech.

  • Artistic action in prisons
  • Tuesday 07 June 2022 / 08:30
  • Thursday 07 July 2022 / 08:30
  • Tuesday 18 October 2022 / 13:30
  • Tuesday 22 November 2022 / 13:30
  • [Intervenants]
  • Gilles Dodemont
  • Aurélie Ruby
  • Axel Martinez

Art workshops with Jörg Müller

As part of Jörg Muller's artistic residency in Seine-Saint-Denis, supported by the Department, from March 2021 to November 2022, the Maison des Jonglages proposes to develop cultural actions between the artist and different audiences

  • Résidence action
  • Tuesday 05 October 2021 / 14:30
  • Monday 28 March 2022 / 14:30
  • Tuesday 29 November 2022 / 10:00
  • [Intervenants]
  • Axel Martinez
  • Anthony Salgueiro
  • Jörg Müller

Taking the ball and running with it – shared creation

THE E.S.A.T. Le Carrefour in La Courneuve, the S.A.S Bel-Air in Stains and the Maison des Jonglages have joined forces to develop the project "Prendre la balle au bond" (Take the ball in hand) by offering mentally and/or psychologically handicapped people a series of workshops to discover and practice juggling, object manipulation and the art of clowning, with the aim of creating a show, based on the desires and skills of each person.

 Natalia Butinova
Natalia Butinova
  • Culture & Health
  • Thursday 20 October 2022 / 10:00
  • Sunday 16 April 2023 / 10:00
  • Saturday 03 June 2023 / 10:00
  • [Intervenants]
  • Alejandro Escobedo
  • Anne Kaempf

Upcoming trainings

Professional training

Alexis Rouvre

Simplicity as a driving force for originality.

Alexis Rouvre is a ball juggler, influenced by the practices of his contemporaries, he learned in particular from Stefan Sing and Jérôme Thomas. Since 2008, he has been developing a personal work around the manipulation of ropes. Object manipulation in connection with a full and precise bodily involvement is a line of work/research that he has been exploring ever since.

  • Formation professionnelle
  • Balls, Rings
  • Wednesday 11 May 2022 / 10:00
  • Friday 13 May 2022 / 10:00

Amateur training

Axel Martinez

We offer three cycles of weekend workshops to (re)discover the practice of juggling, for amateurs who want to discover the discipline and for regular amateurs who want to improve their level.

  • Stage amateur
  • Saturday 14 May 2022 / 10:00
  • Sunday 15 May 2022 / 10:00