The Rencontre des Jonglages festival has become in 16 editions in La Courneuve and 7 editions on the scale of Ile-de-France an event not to be missed in this artistic field, as much for the public, Courneuve but also regional, national and even international, as for the professionals.

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Discover the photos of the heart of the festival ©Tomás Amorim

The Festival Rencontre des Jonglages in La Courneuve is over but you can find us now at our partners' place until May 14th!

©Thomas Brosset

Unveiling of the program

Discover the program of the 16th edition of the festival Rencontre des Jonglages!

Discover the press review

Discover the press articles about the festival Rencontre des Jonglages 2022

Upcoming shows

Upcoming cultural actions

Taking the ball and running with it – shared creation

People with mental and/or psychic disabilities from the E.S.A.T. Le Carrefour in La Courneuve and the S.A.S Bel-Air in Stains follow, with the juggler Alejandro Escobedo Guillaume, a course of workshops of discovery and practice of juggling, manipulation of objects and art of the clown with the aim of creating a show, starting from the desires and competences of each one.

 Natalia Butinova
Natalia Butinova
  • Culture & Health
  • [Intervenants]
  • Alejandro Escobedo

We’re not going to back out

The Jean Houdremont cultural center and the Maison des Jonglages in La Courneuve are working with the Cheptel Aleïkoum to co-construct with young amateurs a course mixing circus techniques with acrobatic stunts and object manipulation, a fanfare and percussion set in motion, acrobatic cycling and bicycle floats. We are working with different clubs and associations in the sports and social field to write together the Courneuvian segment of this great parade according to the desires and wealth present in the city

  • Outside the walls
  • Saturday 24 June 2023 / 19:00
  • [Intervenants]
  • Olivier Pasquet

Upcoming trainings