Together we make art alive!

What could be more alive than an inert object suddenly animated by human gestures?

For this 16th edition of the festival Rencontre des Jonglages, men and women enchant, before our eyes, the materials that surround us and make the living resonate.

In a world where so much activity takes place behind the screen, the festival celebrates a culture of interaction and encounter that is so essential to strengthening our ties and sharing strong emotions with friends, neighbors, parents and children.

In 2023 we continue our journey through increasingly creative worlds in the streets or in theaters.
Artists from all over Europe (re)come to La Courneuve and Ile-de-France to present us a true panorama of contemporary juggling creation.

Everyday gestures, small or big feats, become, during a show, unique and incredible.

This year again, the artists will demonstrate that thanks to their objects and their bodies in movement, they can approach all registers, write abstract or concrete, personal or universal stories, and build visual landscapes with intense emotions.

Without limits or precise definitions of what juggling means, we will be surprised again to see juggling there, to hear ourselves say “it is here too” or to imagine it there.
Like the living, it is made of trials, errors, stability and instability, a right dosage, a subtle balance between what we give to the world and what it returns to us.

On the occasion of this 16th edition, let’s continue together to animate the living art through the small window of juggling which opens on a vast and surprising territory.

Vincent Berhault

Director of the House of Juggling

Brochure 16th edition !

Charlotte Romer