Research and development

Juggling and academic research, two complementary approaches at the service of the Art – Science & Art – Sport relationship:

Performing arts research:

> To develop collaborations with researchers in the performing arts by inviting them to come and work on site with the artistic teams in residence, but also by building with them times of exchange and colloquiums that are part of the development of the Jonglages magazine.


> Art/science experiments to allow jugglers and researchers from all disciplines to create collaborative works that enrich both art and science. The aim is to provoke creative disruptions so that researchers can consider their objects of study through other formats and artists can explore and integrate new dimensions into their artistic research. It is also a question of creating links with researchers who question the compartmentalization and the points of intersection between the cultural universe and sport. This is why the Maison des Jonglages intends to develop partnerships with actors from the world of sports around the notion of art/sport, by accompanying artistic teams that are part of this type of approach.