Meeting with Anne-Agathe Prin

© Guy Waerenburgh

Starting this year, the editorial committee of the magazine Jonglages proposes other times of exchange, the Midis de la revue. Before attending the shows, come and listen to and participate in these moments intended to gather the words of people who are actors and witnesses of the recent history of juggling!


In this first dialogue, Anne-Agathe Prin is invited to look back on experiences that illustrate her interest and commitment to juggling. She will thus have the opportunity to look back on several moments that have counted for her, whether they concern meetings, practices or works and events that she has attended or even made possible.

After having started juggling in the early 2000s, in parallel with her studies in psychomotricity, she evolves in duo with Guy Waerenburgh and co-organizes with him the regional, national and European conventions of Carvin until 2008. She has worked as a juggler with A.R.M.O, Cirque Bang Bang, Cirque du Soleil and Gandini Juggling. In 2012, she became in charge of production and distribution of the company’s creations in French-speaking territories(SMASHED, Clowns & Queens, 4×4: Ephemeral Architectures, 8 Songs, Spring, Zebra, Beton, Water on Mars). She then produced and distributed the collective Malunés (2017-2021). Currently, she is co-production manager of the company Ea Eo’s Fauves , Der Lauf (2020) by Guy Waerenburgh and production manager for the company Defracto(Dystonie, Yokaï Kemame, Croûte).


These exchanges, led by Cyrille Roussial , will be published in the journal.

Practical information

Saturday, April 15, 2023, from 12:00 to 1:30 pm

Houdremont cultural center, La Courneuve

free entrance, meeting in French