Meeting with Adolfo Rossomando

A participatory meeting to review the media dedicated to juggling

The Rencontre des Jonglages festival now hosts every year, as part of its professional day, an event proposed by the Jonglages magazine team.

This year, we explore with Adolfo Rossomando (
Juggling Magazine
) different media that have fed the artistic and cultural news of juggling. The opportunity to delve into their recent history to sketch an initial state of the art, but also to understand current issues and share perspectives for the years to come.

See you on April 8, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., at the Cinéma l’Étoile in La Courneuve! It is possible to register via this reservation form.


A research dynamic driven by INCAm

The editorial and media projects dedicated to the circus are numerous. They provide access to information, knowledge, technical advice, criticism… in many different forms: written, images, videos, webbing, chat, spamming. Some of this content is regularly shared within communities of practice, and sometimes beyond the circus itself.

However, just like artists, artistic directors, programmers or other professionals of the performing arts, the directors of these editorial projects are confronted with central questions:
– what content touches or influences readers/viewers?
– given the digital revolution, the development of augmented reality and web 3.0 tools, what challenges do circus media face today?
– To what extent is the role of circus media relevant and sustainable?

This professional meeting marks the beginning of a larger research process, led by several editorial and media project leaders who are members of the INCAm(International Network of Circus Art media projects). It will study the impact of different media and their contents on the development of circus arts. It will be an opportunity to evaluate the possible correlation between, on the one hand, the growth of circus communities, which are becoming increasingly structured, and, on the other hand, the multiplication of editorial and media projects available today on various media.

This research will take place in the context of events and places dedicated to the circus. Through different activities – sharing of work in progress, collection of contributions – its goal will be to approach each time a different circus discipline.
On the occasion of this 15th edition of the Rencontre des Jonglages, it is of course juggling that will be the focus of this first stage, conceived and coordinated by Juggling Magazine and Jonglages magazine.

We will look at both past and current literature, as well as several media. In order to formulate issues and avenues of research related to their future, we will rely on each person’s relationship to certain references. To do this, we will start with a very simple question: “Which media, which work, which reference has been the most important in your personal journey, or even influenced you in your career, and why? We will invite you to share your views, experiences, anecdotes…


A space to continue discussions during the heart of the festival

Adolfo Rossomando will also be present at the Houdremont Cultural Center during the weekend of the festival, from April 9 to 10, to extend these exchanges. Come and share the juggling media that has meant the most to you!


Adolfo Rossomando is an amateur juggler with a passion for live performance and sailing. For the past thirty years, he has been involved in various editorial projects dedicated to the development of the circus in Italy and more widely in Europe. He has not only published and edited books on the history of the circus, but also founded several associations dedicated to this art, such as the Italian professional organization Giocolieri e Dintorni, the famous Juggling Magazine and the International Network of Circus Media(INCAm).