Meeting with Christian Coumin

© Christian Coumin

Before attending the core shows of the 17th Rencontre des Jonglages, come and listen to and take part in a Midi de la revue. This moment is intended to gather the words of an actor and witness to the recent history of juggling!

Christian Coumin is invited to look back on experiences that illustrate his interest in and commitment to juggling. This will give him the opportunity to look back on a number of moments that have meant a great deal to him, from encounters and practices to works and events that he has attended or even made possible.


Juggling, as a circus discipline, holds a special place in Christian Coumin’s professional career. This is borne out by his thirty-year commitment to the Toulouse Lido – recently renamed ÉsacTo’Lido (Toulouse-Occitanie circus arts school). Since the turn of the 1990s, he has run acrobatics, juggling and balancing classes, been in charge of the amateur sector and helped to write the school’s unique pedagogical project. When the professional sector was created, he set up the research workshops, acted as a pedagogical and artistic referent, directed the creations of the first, second and third years of the Lido, and was also artistic director of Studio-PACT, for which he oversaw numerous creations.

Christian Coumin performed mainly in public spaces in the 1980s. He is a founding member of the Pince Lune et Gratte Cul company and of the Vidéo-clowns duo, which toured the world from 1990 to 2004. Since 1994, he has directed and contributed to the creation of some forty works. Among the thirty or so shows involving juggling are the Acrostiches shows since 1995, Le p’tit bal perdu (Triplex, 1996), Visa pour l’amour (Vis-à-vis, 1998), Ici-bas (Des Pas en rond, 1999), IJK (company 111, 2000), La monstrueuse parade (Remise à 9, 2002), What an emotion(? ) (Alex Saintin, 2002), Le Petit Travers (Collectif Petit Travers, 2003), Batjong (Les Singuliers, 2005), Court-miracle (Le Boustrophédon, 2006), Opéra pour sèche-cheveux (Blizzard Concept, 2013), LAZUZ (2017) and, most recently, le bruit du dedans (Schtock/Eric Buron, 2024).


Moderated by
Cyrille Roussial
will be published in the magazine.

Practical information

Saturday, April 27, 2023, 12 noon to 1:30 p.m.

Studio 2 of the Houdremont cultural center, La Courneuve

Free admission, meeting in French