Revue Jonglages goes to Smells Like Circus

Micha Goldberg © Michiel Devijer

Since its launch, the revue Jonglages has been supported by several circus players to promote its activities and contents. The journal’s team indeed attended various academic and cultural events in France and Europe. From 17 to 19 January 2024, our editor-in-chief, Cyrille Roussial, will be taking part in the festival Smells Like Circus in Ghent, Belgium.

The main aim of Smells Like Circus is to question the conventions of this art through a multidisciplinary programme including talks. Its 7th edition focuses on the figure of the clown.

Smells Like Circus will be hosting a programme of discussions at the Vooruit arts centre, coordinated by Circuscentrum. Three exchange sessions facilitated by Adolfo Rossomando are specifically designed to deal with the missions and future of the International Network of Circus Arts media (INCam). Given the diversity of the publications it comprises, these meetings will reflect on the issues raised by this network’s actions and how they are carried out.

Since 2021, revue Jonglages is a member of the INCAm network and tends to develop its activity on an international scale. This dynamic begun when Adolfo Rossomando was invited by the editorial committee of Jonglages to attend the second “Morning of the revue”, which aimed to start an inventory of media about juggling.

Over the last few years, the editorial committee of revue Jonglages had the opportunity to meet other members of INCAm at a few festivals in Europe, including CircusDanceFestival in Cologne (Germany), Mirabilia Festival in Cuneo (Italy) and Spraoi festival in Waterford (Ireland), with the support of Valentina Barone (Voices Magazine, Around About Circus), Adolfo Rossomando (Juggling Magazine) and the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network.

Practical information

VERNULVIER, De Vooruit : Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

from 17th to 19th January 2024

more info about the programme of Smells Like Circus : et


Smells Like Circus is a festival organised by VIERNULVIER and Miramiro in collaboration with CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, Circuscentrum and Cultuurcentrum Evergem.

Since 2008, Circuscentrum is the official link between the Government of Flanders and the circus sector. This Ghent-based research centre for the development of the circus in Flanders and the Flemish part of Brussels aims to create the best conditions possible to improve the quality of the Flemish circus in all its forms and expressions. Among other activities, it carries out projects designed to promote the Flemish circus in Belgium and abroad, such as the publication Circusmagazine.

INCAm is a network of circus arts media dedicated to advancing their role within the circus sector. It takes an open view in identifying those contributing from a practical and theoretical point of view to the development of circus media. This network sees each publication as an organised space offering different types of content (reflection, commentary, news, critical debate).

Adolfo Rossomando is an amateur juggler with a passion for live performance and sailing. For the past thirty years, he has been involved in various editorial projects dedicated to the development of circus in Italy and more widely in Europe. Not only he has published and edited books on the history of the circus, but also he founded several associations dedicated to this art, such as the Italian professional organization Giocolieri e Dintorni, the famous Juggling Magazine and the International Network of Circus Media (INCAm).