The idea of creating a magazine dedicated to juggling emanated in early summer 2019. Before the end of his mandate as director of the Maison des Jonglages, Thomas Renaud suggested to Cyrille Roussial to create a periodical for which juggling would be the field of specialization.

Because its recent development constitutes one of the reasons for the existence of the Maison des Jonglages, its roles of accompaniment and support in such an editorial project are apprehended within its board of directors the following fall. Agathe Dumont, Gentiane Guillot and Thomas Guérineau formed a working group called “reflection-thinking” to participate in the development of this editorial project alongside Cyrille Roussial. From the outset, all agreed on the choice of the journal as a type of periodical publication.

At the same time, Vincent Berhault is appointed in winter 2019 as director of the Maison des Jonglages with the project of setting up an axis dedicated to the development of resources and research. Considering the project of the journal in this axis of interventions, he joins this working group which is constituted from 2020 in founding editorial committee.

After several internal meetings intended to deepen reflections on the editorial line of the magazine, its title and its main publication medium are defined. There are also two main discussion periods open to people following the editorial project with interest. A few people are first invited to bring remarks and suggestions to feed and guide the follow-up of the review on October 2, 2020, during the 13th edition of the festival Rencontre des Jonglages. Then a second time of extended discussion on May 20, 2021 is the occasion to reflect on the potential issues that could be covered by a first thematic dossier of the magazine dedicated to juggling writings.

The architecture and visual identity of a digital platform intended to host the first contributions of the magazine
are then thought jointly in 2021 with those of the sites in redesign of the Maison des Jonglages and the festival Rencontre des Jonglages. For this purpose, Gentiane Guillot and Cyrille Roussial are in charge of the graphic design and web development of the platform dedicated to the magazine.

While several people offer to contribute to the journal Juggling As of 2021, a scientific committee and a reading committee will emerge in parallel with their realization: on the one hand, to accompany the reflection on the projects that drive the journal; on the other hand, to provide feedback and recommendations on the contributions that have been made, are in progress and will be made in the future.

The team of the Maison des Jonglages also regularly helps in the realization of several projects, whether it is the communication around the activity of the magazineIt is also responsible for the organization of the mornings dedicated to it within the framework of the professional days of the Juggling Meeting, and for putting its contents on line.