Mr O

Sylvain Julien

30 mins / For all / Saison culturelle

  • Graphic manipulation


  • Bourron-Marlotte
  • Sunday 21 July 2024 / 16:00
  • Reception area :Espace Jean Renoir
  • Free

Mr O

Mr. O, a dry man with boundless energy, struggles with his red hoops to overcome his loneliness. A hoop allows you to wiggle your buttocks, of course, and lots of beautiful things without any doubt. It is mostly a circle, so it can drive you slightly crazy. In this short, funny and absurd piece, manipulation becomes dance, dance becomes a game, and Mr. O, by dint of his agitation, becomes as red as the hoops. This little world is simply going in circles.

Sylvain Julien

After a DEUG in economics, I branched out into the circus. I graduated from the CNAC as a ball juggler in 2005 with the show KILO , directed by Jean-Pierre Larroche and Thierry Roisin. I work with storytellers: Conteurs dans la nuit (2008) with the Compagnie du Cercle; Le Truc in 2002 and Enforestation in 2007, both with Julien Tauber, with whom I created the Caktus association. I also work with puppeteers (Le cabaret des âmes perdues with Claire Latarjet and Yorgos Karakantzas in 2004), and with choreographer Denis Plassard/Cie Propos (ZOOO in 2006, Débatailles in 2008, Suivez les instructions in 2015).

I take part in projects with musicians: the jazz quartet L’Impérial Orphéon (
2016), with Ensemble Cairn (Les métamorphoses du cercle, 2018), the Bab Assalam trio (Derviche, 2019), harpist Isabelle Olivier (Smile, 2022).

I’ve also worked with P. Ménard/Cie Nonnova: reprise of role in Zapptime Remix, start of rehearsals for P.P.P .and Doggy Bag in 2007, with aerial acrobat Cécile Mont Reynaud and the trio Esquina(Ce qui nous lie, 2009), with Gulko/Cahin-Caha(REV, 2010), with Nathan Israël cie La Scabreuse (Groin et Lardesque, 2010), which became Le jardin des délices(Héros Fracas, 2016), with La Mondiale Générale (Sabordage!and Le gros sabordage, 2017).

I also accompany projects as an “outsider” (Nichons là with Rémi Luchez and Olivier Debelhoir in 2011, Trois fois rien by CirkVOST in 2015).

I met people, but also their practices, their objects, their worlds. I’ve experimented with a number of performer-writer-director configurations, with the good and bad sides of each situation. I’ve often worked within a framework, more or less given to me, but always in reaction to an external constraint, which has enabled me to produce materials, to experience the artistic approaches of others and, in the background, to develop my own.In parallel to my activities on behalf of other creators, the desire to carry out my own projects, to have the freedom to design my own constraints, and to assume the fact that it has also become necessary for me to write shows for which I am the performer, is emerging.

In 2013, I created ÏOPIDO (or the opposite), which has since been performed some sixty times in fifteen countries, and in 2017 Monsieur O, a light, all-terrain form.


  • Writing and interpretation :
  • Sylvain Julien
  • Staging :
  • Fleur Sulmont
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