La Boom


Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Live music


For this creation, we will push the dramatic, acrobatic and musical research around the notion of chaos. Chaos is a set of things turned upside down and giving the image of destruction, ruin, disorder.
It is the sound of Louis’ bass drum but it is also the sound of someone falling or something collapsing. We will work on the notions of percussion, falling, hitting, exhaustion, noise with the tools that are ours: Juggling, object manipulation, acrobatic lifts, drums, dance.

Once everything is down. To taste the silence of this broken beauty.

Louis Lubat has an extraordinary physique. He never studied circus or dance. We will invent together a spectacular technical acrobatic material. Something that exists only because we are what we are.


In 2006, we created Cridacompany. The adventure begins with On The Edge, 1st show created in 2007, where we lay the foundations of our scenic identity. In this duet, for us founders, we develop our singular relationship to the body and gesture, to dance and circus. A circus that we try to disrupt by putting at a distance the “traditional” techniques that we think convey too strong an imaginary, although we have learned to master them during our training at Esacto’Lido in Toulouse.

We try to make the circus move by developing a very personal technique which uses the singularity of each one. If the traditional approach of the circus tends to allow each one, with work, to carry out a gesture (for example a somersault), the work of Cridacompany articulates its research around the physical characteristic of the individual. It is no longer a question of being able to reproduce a gesture, however perilous, but of finding one’s own gesture. We could defend the idea that in theory, each artist has the capacity to develop a movement of his own, and in fact, that he is the only one to know how to realize it.

Cridacompany offers strange and striking shows, where virtuosity rubs shoulders with the invention of a new language between circus and dance, song and performance. Using the body as an essential means of expression, they work on the impediment, the obstacle, the deformation, bringing out situations and characters full of disconcerting humor. In a stripped down style, they have fun taking an original look at situations that leave room for emotions, from the most amusing to the most disturbing.


  • Drums, acrobaties :
  • Louis Lubat
  • Circus performer, actor, musician and director :
  • Julien Vittecoq
  • Circus performer, juggler, actor :
  • Gabriel Agosti
  • Circus performer, actor, musician :
  • Jur Domingo-Escofet
  • Director, actor and writer :
  • Éric Da Silva
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