Cie Ki-Watt

Sortie de résidence

50 mins / From 5 years old / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Creation 2024, Public space
  • Clown
  • Live music
  • Circular



Boucle, is a hybrid circus show, with sound, dance and burlesque juggling presented by the Ki-Watt Company. To talk about the loop, a repetitive movement, a metaphor for work and intensive training where the body and the discipline of juggling are put to shame in absurd rituals. A creation for all audiences that will be released in May 2024, with a version for the theater and for the street.

Ki-Watt Company

Ki-Watt, it’s the human energy assembled with the energetic power of machines, circus with offbeat and aesthetic universes for shows for all audiences with the secret ambition to make heads move!

The Ki-watt Company is located within the Collectif d’Artistes du Château de Verchaüs (07 Viviers), founded in 2020 by two circus artists / multidisciplinary clown.

The creations of Ki-Watt develop other ways of bringing and producing performance.

Since 2020 they have been participating in the artistic adventure “En Cavale”, a non-motorized itinerant festival project, proposing a program of live performances around a horse-drawn wagon transformed into a stage.

In the summer of 2021, they will embark on a bicycle tour with the show Indomptable and will travel through the south of the Ardèche for a month to meet different audiences and play in non-dedicated places with their mobile and solar-powered stage set!


  • Interpreting and co-writing by :
  • Héloïse BERTHELOT
  • Paul BAYARRI
  • Directed and co-written by :
  • Alain Bourderon
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