Natalia Butinova
Natalia Butinova

Taking the ball and running with it – shared creation

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THE E.S.A.T. Le Carrefour in La Courneuve, the S.A.S Bel-Air in Stains and the Maison des Jonglages have joined forces to develop the project "Prendre la balle au bond" (Take the ball in hand) by offering mentally and/or psychologically handicapped people a series of workshops to discover and practice juggling, object manipulation and the art of clowning, with the aim of creating a show, based on the desires and skills of each person.


October 2022 to June 2023


This project of shared creation aims to encourage autonomous access to culture and openness to artistic creation, vectors of socialization and emancipation, for the disabled public. It aims to promote inclusion, through the individual and collective participation of individuals, their inclusion in common territories of meeting and sharing.

However, in practice, there is a gap and inequality of access to the artistic and cultural offer due to the lack of knowledge and the failure to take into account the specific needs of people with disabilities. Very often the users of the E.S.A.T. and the S.A.V.S. do not practice extra-professional activities and have few social links with the outside world.

The artists and the participants will start from a work of the body and its power of expression. They will question the relationship to the body, its aesthetics and its social representation. To dance one’s body, to play with one’s body and the environment that surrounds us and to make one’s soul dance. No matter the physical limits, they will seek the power of the belly, the will of the spirit, the generosity.

From this meeting between men and women and between the difference that characterizes us all, the objective is not to provide ready-made answers or to give lessons but to start from the desires, skills and ideas of each person. Juggling, clowning and object manipulation constitute an artistic and social practice that contributes to human enrichment, in a constant dialogue and sharing of experience between participants and artists.

Throughout the project, the participants will be invited to creative residency outings at the Maison des Jonglages, the Jeudis Jonglés, which allow artists to present a stage of their creative work. This time of exchange will allow the participants to discover, to question themselves on the processes of creation, and why not to be inspired by them.

At the end of the course, two public performances will be organized. The first one will take place during the heart of the festival Rencontre des Jonglages in April 2023 in La Courneuve, and the second one in June 2023 within the framework of the Gala around inclusion organized by the FSGT 93.

This project is supported by the ARS and the DRAC Île-de-France as part of the Culture & Health program and by the Kunz Foundation.

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