Residencies-actions at the Argenteuil Conservatory

Action culturelle

  • Residence action

As part of the 21-22 artistic season, the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental d'Argenteuil, in partnership with the Maison des Jonglages, is hosting a residency for jugglers Thomas Guérineau of the TG company and Vincent De Lavenère of the Chant de Balles company.


From January to June 2022


  • Jugglers :

The objective of these two residency-action courses is to carry out a work intended for the students of the conservatory and in particular of :

– renew the pedagogical practices of the teams, the students, and the school in general;

– to propose a discovery of the circus arts through musical juggling;

– to promote interdisciplinary transversality by calling upon a field of practice that does not exist in the CRD’s learning program and that, by its very nature, makes it possible to unite all the students in an original approach;

– to bring to the students and teams an approach of the sound/musical phenomenon through a visual and gestural component: link with the pedagogical project of the CRD (approach and body dimension of the various musical parameters such as the O’Passo* method) ;

– to participate in the development of juggling at the local level.

Within this framework, Vincent De Lavenère will work, over fifty hours of workshops, with :

– Orchestras (wind band level 1, junior string band and symphony orchestra);

– Students from Lapierre Elementary School (choral singing at school).

And, Thomas Guérineau will work, on about fifty hours of workshops, with :

– A percussion group ;

– A musical training group;

– An adult and youth theater group;

– A dance initiation group.


The fruit of the work carried out by the two artists will be presented in a show on Tuesday June 28, 2022 at the Figuier blanc in Argenteuil.


O Passo
(the step) is a method of musical education created by Lucas Ciavatta in 1996 in Brazil. Its development is a response to the highly selective process of access to musical and artistic practice, both within institutions and in circles linked to popular traditions.