Thomas Brosset

Thomas Brosset is an illustrator. He studied ethnology at the University of Paris-Nanterre and has taught at the École de Condé and the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, as well as at the Fonderie de l’Image. His main work consists of a search for human invariants, in other words, a humanity outside place and time. The bodies he exhibits are naked, without social attributes or scenery; they are undefined animals, awkward characters, hybrids or Siamese twins. Through his drawings of non-human beings and places, he wishes to address the question of social ties, relationships of domination, violence and gender.

“I work fast, without sketches, by repetition.
I’m looking for momentum.

Line drawings, without volume or perspective.
Contours distinguish shapes and beings,
make them emerge from the void.
Somewhere tasks, accidents, to make landscape.
Signs. […]

Exposing a family history, repairing self-fiction,
As a convocation of myths, I constantly articulate personal memories and collective memory.

Drawing is therefore an act of transformation and
in which the images that emerge from the real are
definitely performative.”

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