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Static and dynamic balances - Fishtails - balances with linear objects" by Sebastian Berger.

Fishtails are a growing system of dynamic equilibria with linear objects.

In this masterclass, we'll cover 1-stick balancing and many aspects of fishtail balancing: horizontal fishtails, vertical fishtails, double balances / double fishtails, throws, fishtails 0, points of balance and imbalance, as well as a complete understanding of the entire fishtail movement system. One part will be devoted to the "balance challenge", open to all accessories, during which we'll look for ways to challenge our established balances.

We'll also look at the theory behind the N.I.N.O. pivot card and the N.A.V.U. stall system.

Exercises and theory will be applied to multiple objects and positions (sticks, clubs/wrist, fingers, tiptails, sticks on sticks, tails....). Lessons will be given with sticks, but can be transferred to other objects.


This masterclass requires no pre-requisites, ranging from fundamental basics to difficult fishtails, for all skill levels.


November 24 to 26, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Tuesday 21 November 2023

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