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Unnecessary Violence

Compagnie Hëin?

30 to 55 minutes / For all / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Long form, Medium size
  • Clubs


Absurdity, disagreements, play, juggling and a slight touch of violence. Based on the relationship between the two artists, Unnecessary Violence invites you into a play full of rivalry and competition, but always with a light and humorous tone.

This creation is strongly inspired by the behavior of children who have fun testing their limits as well as those of their entourage. And after all, maybe as adults we are not so different from children!

Heïn ?

The Hëin? Company (“Hëin?” like the famous onomatopoeia “hein”, sign of a certain intelligence, which is very useful in a situation of misunderstanding) was created in 2022 by Nils Liedtke and Elise Morard, who met at Acapa (Netherlands). The company was born from the common desire of the two artists to create juggling shows (but not only!) mixing humor, lightness and absurdity for all audiences.


  • Artists :
  • Elise Morard
  • Nils Liedtke
  • Outside look :
  • Ganna Poppea Veenhuijsen
  • Help to create :
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