The world’s best juggler

La Penacho Cie

50 mins / From 6 years old / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Long form
  • Clown, Contact


Isolated in his office, Mr Penacho is desperately bored as he waits for dates for his job as a professional juggler. He tries to concentrate, to find solutions so that the phone finally rings. But boredom is always lurking, and he never ceases to be distracted by his daydreams and his inner world… until the solution is found: he announces himself as the best juggler in the world! Faced with the pressure and weight of this affirmation, will he be able to keep his promises on the day of the show, or will he have to reinvent himself in front of his audience?

With this creation, Penacho Cie seeks to bring contact and illusion juggling into dialogue with clowning and theater. Inspired by the pedagogy of juggling, which teaches that every fall – of a ball – is not a failure, but rather an integral part of the quality of the juggler’s work, she recounts the misadventures of this mime-clown-juggler, who tries as best he can to share his art and his poetry.

Penacho Cie

Founded in 2022, Penacho cie is a Franco-Chilean company specializing in contact and illusion juggling and object manipulation, with a passion for discovering new forms of juggling and offering contemporary, original approaches to these little-known techniques.

The Penacho Cie was born on the streets: Nacho Penacho, its artist, developed his art at the red lights of South American megalopolises and in small village squares, from the Amazon to the Andean plateaus… Bringing art, poetry, to places where it is not expected, creating a space of emotion around juggling, such is the initial impetus of the company.


  • Juggler :
  • Ignacio Quiroz
  • Staging :
  • Pierre Elliott
  • Writing and direction :
  • Iris K


Support :

La Fabrique – Savigny sur Grosne ( 71 )

ARTIS in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté as part of the TRAJECTOIRES program

Municipality of Grevilly ( 71 )

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