Le récit des yeux

Sombra cie

Sortie de résidence

30 mins / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Exit from the residence, Work in progress
  • Balls, Clubs
  • Graphic manipulation



Le récit des yeux is inspired by the soul and life of moving objects. A show born from the desert lands, where a man is looking for life (not on Mars), but on the earth itself! A 30/40 minute juggling and visual chronicle, featuring circular, living and photographic objects.

Sombra Cie

A Franco-Chilean choreographic juggling company that works in collaboration with artists from different expressive universes. Our work is developed around the manipulation of objects, music and image. Concerned with detail, our creations are born from the meticulous observation of life and its movements, using the human body as an evolving tool, carrying great sensitivity. All these elements lead us to defend a modern and creative juggling.


  • Juggler and project leader :
  • Carlos Muñoz
  • Accomplice stage manager :
  • Alejandro Castillo
  • A derisive look :
  • Alejandro Escobedo
  • Guest speaker and artist :
  • Simon Aravena


General production: Compagnie Sombra

Co-production: French Institute of Chile

Co-productions and partners with residence (in progress) :L’Académie Fratellini – La Boîte à Malice – CirQ’ônflex – Centre Culturel 104 – Pôle National Cirque Jules Vernes – Pôle National Cirque La Cascade – CIRCa Pôle National Cirque à Auch – Pôle Cirque Le Mans Pôle National Cirque La Brèche – La Minoterie Scène Conventionnée – Association ARTO (Le Kiwi) – Ministry of Culture of Chile.

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