Tangled Drop

Tabaimo & Jörg Müller

60 mins / From 10 years old / Saison culturelle

  • Visual arts


Tangled drop is a collaborative project between the visual artist Tabaïmo and Jörg Müller, circus artist. It’s the meeting of visual arts and circus, animation film and juggling, image projection and objects. A projection of images and a projection of objects. Animated images, animated objects. An animation of the object that projects the animation; which is animated by the juggler…


Tabaimo (b. 1975) is a contemporary Japanese artist whose immersive and challenging video installations have been exhibited worldwide. She combines hand-drawn images with digital manipulations to create large-scale animations, evoking traditional Japanese prints (ukiyo-e) while presenting a sharp and complex view of Japanese society.

She also works in the field of performing arts. She has provided visual elements for Ohad Naharin’s Batsheva dance company performances, choreographer Maki Morishita, architect Yuko Nagayama and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Jörg Müller

Born in Bavaria in 1970, Jörg Müller obtained his diploma in Circus Arts at the CNAC in 1994 with the congratulations of the jury. He graduated from the CNAC with a first solo entitledMobile.

In addition to these personal works, Jörg Müller has participated in numerous co-creations, such as PRE #1 and PRE#2.2 withJess Curtis (performance between circus, dance and science) or Sarabande wherehe shares the stage with the cellist Noémi Boutin. He recently proposed an indetite installation with Roman Müller for theKarlsruhe festival in 2019.


  • Staging and visual art :
  • Tabaimo
  • Stage direction, juggling and device creation :
  • Jörg Müller
  • Dancer and assistant director :
  • Chiharu Mamiya
  • Dramaturgy :
  • Sophie Borthwick
  • Vocals and daxophone :
  • Kenji Osumi
  • Sound and video control :
  • Keisuke Tanaka
  • Lighting design and stage management :
  • Asako Miura
  • General Management France :
  • Nicolas Barreau
  • Stage management, tour coordination and translation :
  • Yutaka Takei
  • Assembly of devices :
  • Mathieu Délangle
  • Outside look :
  • Pedro Prazeres
  • Collaboration research devices :
  • Emmanuelle Grobet
  • Superfactory
  • General Management Japan :
  • Takashi Kawachi
  • Coordination :
  • Imoimo (IMO studio, LLC. / Tabaimo Theater Projects)
  • Preparation for French tour :
  • Futoshi Miyai
  • Production in Japan :
  • Koichiro Tagaki
  • Production in France :
  • Julien Couzy
  • Communication image and photos :
  • Kazuto Kakurai/watsonstudio


Production: Compagnie Wasistdas & Tabaimo Theater projects

Co-producers: General Incorporated Association HIWOOD; Institut français (Cirque export program); Maison des Jonglages -scène conventionnée de La Courneuve, as part of a residency in the Department of Seine-St-Denis; Tandem, scène nationale d’Arras-Douai; l’Avant scène -scène conventionnée de Cognac; Plateforme des pôles cirque de Normandie : La Brèche, pôle national cirque de Cherbourg.

Tangled Drop is supported in Japan by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Government through the Japan Council for the Arts, the Franco-Japanese Sasakawa Foundation and the Saison Foundation

Tangled Drop is supported in France by the DRAC Occitanie, the Région Occitanie and the Département du Gard

Residencies and support: Château de Monthelon, Fabrique artistique workshop; l’Albarède Théâtre de Ganges; La Brèche, pôle national cirque de Cherbourg; Morishita studio -Tokyo; Maison des Jonglages -scène conventionnée de La Courneuve; Tandem, scène nationale d’Arras-Douai; l’Avant scène -scène conventionnée de Cognac; Compagnie 1 Watt

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