Relax Compagnie

Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Clubs, Led


The Relax Company offers visual and sound shows. Based on LED and pixel light juggling, accompanied by electro music. The apparatus we use allow us to create incredible and innovative pictures of colors and images that transport you into a psychedelic universe!

Relax Company

The Relax Company started three years ago with two main residences, at the 104 in Paris and at the Barons de Bayanne in Valence. We follow this path with a third residency at the Maison des Jonglages. Other residences are planned. We have the ambition to grow this new company Relax dedicated to the arts of digital juggling, futuristic and psychedelic!


  • Juggler :
  • Séraphin Hadengue
  • Jérôme Coué
  • Bérénice Lévy
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