PACES (provisional title)

Accompany ME

Sortie de résidence

50 mins / From 8 years old / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Long form
  • Cyr wheel



Paces (working title) is the pursuit of a common rhythm with another human being, is the cadence that leads us in our path with the other. Through the shared language of the Cyr wheel and kitchen juggling, the two female artists bring to the stage a story that aims to normalize love in its many forms.

A 50-minute show suitable for audiences aged 8 and over, and for everyone who likes to be touched by a healthy dose of sensitivity and excitement.

Accompany ME

Accompany ME is an emerging circus company formed by Monika Neverauskaite and Elena Damasio. This is a project with international influence: the artists come from Italy and Lithuania, both educated and trained in the Netherlands. They live and work in Toulouse, France.

Accompany ME is an invitation to join Monika and Elena on their journey. This name underlines the importance of having a loved one by our side. Through their work, the two authors seek to offer their audience a moment of lightness as a counterweight to the more serious themes they tackle – all with all that the circus can offer in terms of language. The company pursues the theme of gender equality, since it is created and performed by two women, in an egalitarian, non-hierarchical relationship.

Accompany ME is currently working on its first 50-minute show, Paces. The first performance is scheduled for June 2024 at the Cirkuliacija festival in Lithuania.


  • Artists :
  • Elena Damasio
  • Monika Neverauskaite
  • Outside views :


Accompany ME is funded by the Lithuanian Cultural Council in partnership with Cirko Sapiens, and has received a grant from the Sweden- Lithuania Cooperation Fund”.

With the support of Latitude 50 – Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue. With the support of Subtopia, Stockholm; La Roseraie, Uccle (BE); l’Essieu du Batut, Murols (FR), l’École de Cirque Passing de Tarbes (FR)

Paces (working title)” recently passed the first selection of Circus Next 2024.