Ôde à la Multitude (working title)


Sortie de résidence

35 min / For all / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Creation 2024, Exit from the residence
  • Balls



When we look at contemporary circus juggling shows, the tendency to prioritize the expressiveness of the piece means that the number of objects and the level of juggling technique are compromised, as if one were at the other’s disadvantage. We want to make juggling with a large number of objects one of the main focuses of our piece; it’s our main language as artists and we believe in its intrinsic poetic potential. We wanted to create this show because we share the same desire to combine juggling with the principles of choreography, dance and music by maximizing the number of balls.

We want to create sensations for the public through our object. Suspensions, falls, impulses and rebounds. Create a symphony using the object’s sound properties, not just its visual ones. A poetic, spectacular universe that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We draw inspiration from the acrobatic group XY, who use lifts and acrobatics as their main means of expression. Their research into high-level technique is particularly unique and aesthetic. We want to do something similar with object manipulation.

Our innovation would be to create a show in which we showcase the technique of many objects with a choreographic staging and an aesthetic, non-demonstrative aim.

Compagnie JHEB

Compagnie JHEB was founded by two jugglers, Eyal Bor and Jean-Hicham Rahmoun. Both ball jugglers with a penchant for numbers and an attraction to dance and movement, the desire to develop something in common came to them through conversations about juggling and joint juggling sessions. After seeing each other’s school graduation numbers, the link between their worlds gave them even more reason to embark on this collective project.


  • Artist :
  • Eyal Bor
  • Jean Hicham Rahmoun


Les Thérèses, L’Établi – CollecIf PeIt Travers, Subtopia, La Roseraie – Espace Cré-aIon