Les dessous Barbara

60 mins / For all / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Long form
  • Frontal


Everything’s falling apart, there’s no more season and good habits are being lost; that’s obvious. The planet is hanging on by a thread, and so is our species. We’re all going to die, it’s inevitable. Objects, too, inexorably fall and crash against the inert ground.

After 20 years of juggling with balls and clubs, we’re putting aside these frozen pieces of plastic to start working with objects that weren’t originally made to be manipulated, but were made to survive, and which become the materials for a demanding search for a singular form of juggling.

Barbara’s underwear

LES DESSOUS DE BARBARA is a Franco-Spanish company founded in 2009 at Toulouse’s Le Lido circus arts center. Our projects are based on a real human desire and complicity in life and work. They are the culmination of work based on a shared observation: “what we decide to do on stage is not trivial”.



  • Jugglers :
  • Sylvain PASCAL
  • Raul GARCIA