Le Vertige du virage

Barthélémy Goutet, Jonathan Scialom & Vincent Berhault

40 minutes / From 10 years old / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Craation 2023
  • Flair bartending
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  • 12 bars on stage
  • Friday 28 July 2023 / 20:00
  • Reception area :Bar Au Pays de Vannes
  • Gartuit

    The representation has passed

  • 12 bars on stage
  • Saturday 29 July 2023 / 16:00
  • Reception area :Bar Les Héritiers (ex Au bon coin)
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As part of Tournée Générale’s “summer vintage”, which runs from July 27 to 30.

The Tournée Générale festival, at the heart of the 12 Bars en Scène association’s project, was born from the meeting of two desires. It’s the work of performing arts professionals, including artists with singular approaches, who seek to deploy their gestures outside the confines of institutions.

Duet for a bartender and an actor

A bartender is busy behind the counter, while a speaker sits beside him, like a competent host at a café philo where the world is about to be remade. He awkwardly begins a sort of conference, or rather a sharing of the fruits of his research into alcohol.

Meanwhile, the bartender serves cocktails at a steady pace, taking orders from members and gradually joining in with our host’s discourse. While dexterously handling shakers and bottles, he transforms his counter into the incongruous reception desk of a university library, and really puts on a show.

To drink or not to drink, to better understand what’s at stake in the drunk scene?
Is this an unavoidable tension when it comes to tackling alcohol in a profound way?

Barthélémy Goutet – Actor

He discovered theater in 1990 at the Théâtre du Campagnol (now La Piscine) in Chatenay Malabry. He takes part in the creation of shows often based on improvisation. His work focuses on the body, movement, dance and clowning (Pièce d’amour, collective creation, Le grand ménage, directed by Marie Noelle Peters, Les petites fuites, collective creation, directed by Emmanuel Audibert).
At the same time, he attended various training courses and workshops on mask and clown work. In 1994, he met the Jolie Môme company and performed three shows with them. From 1996 to 1998, he worked in bars with Patrick Gratien Marin (director) in a duo (Tout contre) and then solo (Rouge coeur). “This experience exhausts me and puts me in danger,” he says.

Following an invitation from Emmanuel Audibert, he took part in the creation of Cirque 360 with Cie 36 du Mois, exploring big top theater and the world of cabaret. In 2007, he came up with the idea of “camping theater”, a caravan converted into a mini-theater in which he presents short plays often aimed at adults.

It was against this backdrop that he wrote and performed his solo L’anteclown, which he then staged in an indoor version, designing the scenography and lighting.
In 2014, he worked with the Mack et les gars company, mounting Naissance d’un chef d’oeuvre.
In 2016, he joined Les Singuliers for the collective creation Entre based on an original idea by Vincent Berhault.
In 2017, he directed Pour en finir avec l’anteclown, a short film.
There’s a hole. He’s a boxer.
In 2021, Mack and the boys return with Nous étions debout et nous le savais pas by Catherine Zambon.
In 2022, Mack and the boys, collective creation: Bart & Balt.
And a new role in K ou le paradoxe de l’arpenteur, directed by Régis Hebette.
He is also stage manager for Le plus petit cirque du monde. And “A bit of film, a bit of TV and a few commercials”.

Jonathan Scialom – Bartender and trainer

Following his studies in Business Administration in Montpellier, he joined the restaurant industry, first as a pizzaiolo, then as a store manager. His strong attraction to the world of nightlife led him to the European Bartender School in Montreuil, where he obtained a diploma.

It was here that he discovered the Flair (November 2020) and developed his knowledge. Unfortunately, bars and restaurants didn’t reopen for more than 8 months, so he intensively practiced the Flair and continued to cultivate his knowledge of mixology and, more generally, the history of beverages and how they are made. Thanks to a meeting with the bar manager of a major luxury restaurant and bar group in Paris, he was called in to be part of the opening team.

Flair quickly calls him back. He adopts the status of self-entrepreneur in order to work on events with the school team. She offered him a job as a trainer for new students. Today, he devotes himself fully to school and performance, with the ambition of constantly improving his level. That’s why it’s starting its first national competitions in 2023.

Vincent Berhault

Author, director, performer and director of the Maison des Jonglages, Vincent Berhault has been evolving in the world of creative circus for 25 years. He has supported, with the company Les Singuliers, the production and creation of numerous projects in France and abroad. Trained as a juggler, he has worked on pieces where body, object, music and text are intimately linked. A graduate in anthropology and international relations, he has initiated transnational creative projects, in particular with Turkey.

In 2017, he directed Entre, a play about exile and borders. He also pursues research around art and science devices and considers these exchanges as a stimulation for creativity in the arts. Since 2019, he has been an associate artist at the Iremam laboratory (Institut de Recherches et d’Études sur les Mondes Arabes et Musulmans).

By putting his various skills at the service of the Maison des Jonglages, he works to promote and develop this unique project in Europe and supports a transversal approach where juggling mixes with other artistic expressions as well as sports and science. .


  • Dramaturgy and direction :
  • Vincent Berhault
  • With :
  • Barthélémy Goutet
  • Jonathan Scialom