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I don’t have legs, I have wings

Compagnie Tau

Sortie de résidence

50 mins / For all / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Creation 2024, Long form
  • Balls, Foot juggling



Je n’ai pas de jambes, j’ai des ailes (I don’t have legs, I have wings ) speaks of a body prevented, damaged, amputated, fitted, transformed.
The same body that hinders difficulties, that relearns, that organizes itself around its vulnerability, that finds its beauty and its strength.

So how would an antipodist juggle if she’d lost her legs?

Dancing slippers rub shoulders with crutches; balls are placed wherever they find the opportunity; puppets draw singular bodies of shifting proportions. Fragility as a condition.

Je n’ai pas de jambes, j’ai des ailes (I don’t have legs, I have wings ) is a show that premiered in 2019 and is now being revived (1st scheduled for October 2024).

Compagnie Tau

The Tau company was founded in 2009 by Emilia Tau, juggler and dancer, and Bertrand Depoortère, photographer and visual artist. This Italian-French company’s original work revolves around circus (juggling, antipodism, manipulation of objects and puppets), body research and visual art. She sets bodies, objects and images in motion, as well as emotions, memories and landscapes.

The company explores the elements of humanity and its environment to nurture sensitive creative work. His performances are generally intimate, using poetic and imaginative writing that allows the spectator a free and personal interpretation. Circus techniques make it possible to deal with the indispensable and the imperceptible in a more direct way. The company is renowned for its research into antipodism (juggling with the feet), which has contributed to the renewal and dissemination of this art form.


  • Author and performer :
  • Emilia Tau
  • Outside look :
  • Salvo Frasca
  • Technical manager :
  • Julien Pichard


Home in residence

House of Juggling, La Courneuve (93)

Ay-roop, Rennes (35)

Le Perchoir, Montgivray (36)

Center social Vaugirard -Saint Christophe, Châteauroux (36)

FAM Foyer de vie pour personnes cérébrolés Algira d’Orsennes (36)

EHPAD Le Castel St Sévère (36)

Jean Moulin elementary school in Aigurande (36)

Lycée George Sand de La Châtre (36)

La Cascade, Bourg-Saint-Andéol (07)

Zim Zam Cirque adapté, Marseille (contact in progress)

La pratique, Vatan (contact in progress)

2r2c Rue Watt, Paris (contact in progress)

Principio attivo teatro, Lecce (contact in progress)


Communauté de communes La Châtre – Saint Sévère (36)

EPCC Issoudun / Centre Culturel Albert Camus (36)

Théâtre Maurice Sand, La Châtre (36)

MJCS La Châtre (36)

DRAC Centre-Val de Loire (contact in progress)

Centre-Val de Loire region (contact in progress)

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