Erruer Experimetnale

Cristobal Bascur

For all / Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Balls, Clown
  • Frontal


Erruer Experimetnale is the search for the recipe of a juggling act. The error of this experiment is the origin of the game (the failure). Everything that is unbalanced, everything that is is part of the juggling technique. The performance is born of the juggler’s purest desire, that of attempting the impossible. This impulse is censored by the ambition to realize it without the object falling. And above all, the pleasure of juggling.

Cristobal Bascur

In 2012, he began doing courses in contemporary dance, HipHop, house, circus techniques and mime in different cultural centers in Chile.

In 2016, he began his training at the phillip radice school of physical theater in Turin, Italy.

In 2018, he entered the EsactoLido School of Circus Arts.

In 2021, he continues to develop his solo performance as part of EsactoLido’s Focon program.


  • Juggler :
  • Cristobal Nicolas Bascur Sanchez
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