Au Café des Nonchalants

Cie Circographie

Saison culturelle / Résidence

  • Balls


It is through a burlesque and deranged dance at the service of the game and the object, that the unexpected meets the routine, that the feat makes its way into the daily life on the amusement emerged from nothingness.
Jugglers of the rhythms of life, dancers of small details. They offer a tender look at the tragi-comic hidden in our daily lives.

Circography Company

Created in 2019 by Asaf Mor, Lucien Coignon and Milàn Galy, all three trained in juggling at the CRAC in Lomme. The company’s objective is to mix dance and juggling through different choreographic writings.
This second project carried by Milàn, comes from the desire of this one to work with another artist: Thibault. An absurd piece for the street is then profiled, following “Entre Noeuds”, first creation of the company intended for the theater.


  • Artist :
  • Galy Milan
  • Thibault Michel
  • administration and production manager :
  • Karolyne Laporte


Production : Cie Circographie
Coproduction/financing : La Verrerie (Alès 30), in discussion with Hop hop hop Circus (Arras 62)
Residencies: Cheptel Aleïkoum (St Agil 41), Association TRAC (Reims 51), Lattitude 50 (Marchin BE), La Verrerie (Alès 30), La Cascade (Bourg St Andéol 07), La Maison des jonglages (La Courneuve 93), Théâtricul (Geneva Switzerland)

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