The Banquet of the five senses – Art of gesture and culinary art

Action culturelle

  • Participatory workshop

The Maison des Jonglages is developing a series of transdisciplinary workshops, between object manipulation, body movement and culinary art, for different audiences in La Courneuve, Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis. From the know-how and the exchange around the recipes and culinary traditions of the participants, the artists, cook and circus artist, will propose to compose a cooked and juggled symphony, a spectacular form soliciting the 5 senses, which will be presented in the form of convivial performative banquets.


To gather, all cultures, around the kitchen, to feed on the confessions of each one, reminiscences of these moments spent around the table, symbolic and gestural millennia registered throughout the world…

The gesture plays a primordial role in the culinary elaboration. The transformation of a food into a dish depends as much on the skill of the cook and the tools used as on the organization of the kitchen space. The verb “to eat” goes from ingesting to tasting, from tasting to stuffing oneself, from receiving to feasting, from savoring to a gesture that can engage one’s own body and that of others. Specific action of the mouth, engaging the internal body, it becomes a gesture as soon as it is organized in its ritualized form, the meal that is offered and given to be seen. And cooking consists in transforming and assembling products using specific gestures and instruments to awaken sensations, thus developing a visual aesthetic and a harmony of flavors. The cook thus becomes the creator of an ephemeral artistic act.

The banquets, conceived as restitutions but also as convivial and intergenerational times of sharing, will allow to artistically revisit the act of being a host and the warmth of the welcome.

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