Apres midi Jonglerie


Cie Equidistante

50 mins / For all / Saison culturelle

  • Public space
  • Clubs
  • Wandering


    The representation has passed

  • Rosny-sous-Bois
  • Saturday 03 June 2023 / 18:00
  • Reception area :Decesari Park
  • Free

As part of Un R’ de Cirque with Rosny-sous-Bois

MURA is a suspended time during which to reinterpret the public space, and reinvent our relationship to the limit. During the show, the architectural barriers lose their symbolism and are used as a new playground, through our common languages of dance and circus (juggling, balance and trapeze). MURA wants to bring a poetic look at the visible and invisible limits that are part of our daily lives.

The Equidistante Company

Equidistante was founded in November 2017. Valentina Santori, Sabrina Catalan and Iorhanne Da Cunha have developed together a taste for the assembly of ideas, bodies and objects, and a research on the concept of manipulation. At the same time, they have each worked with companies that have influenced their writing and their research in the public space (Collectif Protocole, Compagnie Cai, Compagnie Préoccupé). MURA is the first creation of the company.


  • Authors - performers :
  • Valentina Santori
  • Sabrina Catalan Medina
  • Iorhanne Da Cunha
  • Music :
  • Alexandre Verbiese
  • Distribution :
  • Léa Calu
  • Caroline Sotta
  • Outside look :
  • Sophie Borthwick


La Verrerie, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque en Occitanie, Alès (30) ; la Métropole de Rouen et le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf, Pôle national des Arts du cirque en Normandie (76) ; la Maison des Jonglages, Scène conventionnée, La Courneuve (93) ; CIAM, Aix-en-Provence (13) ; Les Monuments Nationaux ; le Carroi, Menetou-Salon (18) ; la Carrosserie Mesnier, St Amand Montrond (18) ; Le Luisant, Germigny-l’Exempt (18) ; La Pléïade, La Riche (37) ; Le POLAU – pôle arts & urbanisme, Tours (37) ; Ecole de cirque de Genève, Théâtre-Cirqule, Geneva, Switzerland ; DRAC Centre-Val de Loire (residency support and creation support) ; Région Centre-Val de Loire (creation support) ; SPEDIDAM

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