Unprecedented creations !

01 March 2022

Projects always more original with :

  • A Residence – action of Allô Jonglage ! Cie première intention
  • A case-premiere of Croûte by the Defracto Company
  • A case-premiere of Scènes étranges dans la mine d’or by Elsa Guérin
  • The renewal of our clown/juggling partnership with the Samovar for a shared stage and Ludor Citrik’s carte blanche
  • Arts & Sports projects in public spaces with the Pol & Freddy Company and their creations De Cuyper vs de Cuyper & Juggling Olympics
  • A premiere by Wes Peden with Rollercoaster
  • A project with perfect timing with Cie WCS and Perfect timing
  • A suspended time with (Alexis Rouvre) Modo Grosso and Tout / Rien
  • The Maleta Cie and Runners