EAC Dance and Object Manipulation

Action culturelle

  • Participatory workshop, Sports Education: circus module

As part of the Artistic and Cultural Education program in high schools and CFA (apprentice training centers) supported by the Ile-de-France region, the Maison des Jonglages is setting up a series of discovery, practical and creative workshops on dance and object manipulation for 3 high school classes.


This course develops students’ self-confidence, coordination, concentration, cooperation and creativity with artist Charlotte Marchal. Linked to a circus course in PE, this course offers students the chance to discover and deepen the multiple relationships that exist between juggling, dance and music. Juggling is based on techniques and visual writing, but also on a musicality initiated by juggling and body movements in which breath, voice and tempo are the key words. Emphasis is placed on both technical and artistic/creative aspects: use of the body for rhythm, coordination and precision; use of objects for different manipulation techniques; approach to notation, composition and more.

A multi-disciplinary activity, this course satisfies many physical needs (flexibility, muscular development, balance, etc.) and often pushes our limits. An awareness of the body, its capacities and incapacities, is established, encouraging listening to oneself and to others.

Through stage acting and the creation of numbers that will be evaluated, this course opens the doors to imagination, creativity and personal and collective artistic sensitivity. All modes of artistic expression are permitted, offering infinite creativity to satisfy everyone’s desires.