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Tray Small Medium Formats

Maggie Rusak // Emmanuel Ritoux // Johan Stockmar

45 mins / For all / Festival / Résidence

  • Act, Medium size, Room, Shared board
  • Balls, Cigar boxes
  • Frontal
  • Heart of the festival, Outside the Walls


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  • Houdremont Cultural Center, La Courneuve
  • Sunday 28 April 2024 / 16:00
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    Full price: 10€.
    Reduced rate*: 6€.


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    Reduced rate*: 3€.


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  • SHAM Shows
  • Sunday 05 May 2024 / 17:00
  • Free

This Is Not a Joke, It’s a Cry for Help – Maggie Rusak

We all have problems, but she has more, and they’re worse, more serious, more of a priority. Somebody has to take notice and give him an explanation! Once she’s been given this answer, everything will finally be for the best in her life, and she’ll have the key to understanding everything, won’t she? Join our tenacious heroine, in all her raw finesse, indecent grace and beautifully inarticulate prose, on her quest for meaning and acceptance. It’s a game of disguises with a touch of Beckett, Monroe, juggling in defiance of God, and pretty dresses.

Ne Quid Nimis – Emmanuel Ritoux

Worn out by a long journey, a knight, freshly returned from his quest, comes to tell us, with his bullets and his words, his difficult epic: that of a hero in the footsteps of Eros.

Some of our partners’ opinions:
“A delightful juggling poem reminiscent of the heyday of the menestrandie and the pastourelle. – Le Monde (flat)
“This guy’s not right” -Galilée
“The highlight of the show!” -Clo-Vis
“Give him a Molière! -Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
“Heavy!” – Isaac Newton
“A little long” – Pepin the Short
“Not bad for a school outing.” -Charlemagne

Si Ça Tombe! – Johan Stockmar

If it falls, it falls, and if it holds, it holds!
But where… did… he… fall!?
With a body a little too long and a nose a little too fat, he fell on these stiff, square boxes, and the boxes fell on him.

Yes, it can hurt when a box falls on you, but it’s your fault! The fault lies with this “gras-nez” which always gets stuck where there’s nothing to smell.

This time he fell well
this time he’s fallen in love with you and so have the boxes!

Si Ça Tombe, a preview of a new show. Here, the boxes are juggling tools as much as characters in the story. They are machineries inspired by puppets. However, the show’s progress does not depend solely on the juggler.
In Si Ça Tombe, the artist is the equal of the objects.


  • By and with :
  • Maggie Rusak
  • Emmanuel Ritoux
  • Johan Stockmar
  • General technician :
  • Cécile Conte (Si Ça Tombe)
  • External perspective :
  • Bene Borne (Si Ça Tombe)


Si Ça Tombe :
Coproduction: Maison des Jonglages and L’Academie Fratellini

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For RSA beneficiaries, people with reduced mobility, holders of the large family card, unemployed people, students, under 18 years old, over 60 years old

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