Cie L’Expédition

60 mins / From 6 years old / Festival

  • Long form
  • Balls
  • Frontal
  • Heart of the festival, Outside the Walls


    The representation has passed

  • SHAM Shows
  • Monday 11 April 2022 / 14:30
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  • Price: 5€

TACOMA is this fragile bridge, dancing between physical performance and sonic magic.

TACOMA is a hybrid form between a music concert and a circus show.

Guided by four jugglers and four musicians, the public discovers the magic of the encounter between these two worlds. For one hour, these eight artists will take the audience through several universes to discover a great final fireworks display.

TACOMA is this American bridge of the 1940s, built with all the science of the industry of its time, which suddenly began to undulate and tore gracefully under the effect of the wind.



  • Jugglers :
  • Vincent Mangaud
  • Gautier Tritschler
  • Damien Clergeaud
  • Jonathan Lardillier
  • Musicians :
  • Cédric Munsch (Trompette)
  • Romain Pivard (Saxophone)
  • Rémi Psaume (Saxophone baryton)
  • Jean Bernhardt (Batterie)
  • Light :
  • Vincent Frossard
  • Costume :
  • Élodie Louis


SHAM, Cirk’Éole, CIAM, DRAC, CD67, Grand-Est, Artope, Dream Catcher, The Theater Factory, Espace K, CRIC.

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