Entretien avec un jongleur

Cirque du Ravi // Florent Lestage

50 mins / From 6 years old / Festival

  • Medium size, Public space
  • Clown
  • Text
  • Frontal
  • Heart of the festival


Do you want to reach enlightenment? Change course, see life on the right side?
Save yourself the expense of a psychoanalyst or a life coach!
The Stage® (pronounced American) is here for you.
He combines the verbosity of Stromae, the virility of Schwarzy and the grace of Dominique Mercy (if you don’t know who that is, review your classics)
Its only flaw? Perhaps it is too beautiful… And that’s tiring…
And as if that cake needed a cherry, you’ll be able to admire the virtuosity of one of the most gifted jugglers this earth has ever borne.
Cancel everything, take your life in your hands, come see The Stage®.

Cirque du Ravi // Florent Lestage

At 17, after realizing that his weightlifting career was coming to an end, he decided to throw himself into the circus. During 5 years of professional training, including 3 years at the “École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal”, he trained in juggling and clowning.

These years of work, mixed with the dose of luck that any success requires, allow him to have a silver medal and the public prize at the 30th “Festival du cirque de demain”, and to tour from 2009 to 2012 with “Les 7 doigts de la main”.
Then 8 more years of touring: German cabarets where he played the same show 500 times, a company created and then buried with two colleagues, a street clown show played 120 times with “Carré Curieux”, an injury, tours under a big top in California and finally the sausage festival in Petaouchnock.

For more creative freedom, he set up his own circus in 2021, the “Cirque du Ravi” with which he performs the show “Interview with a Juggler”.

He also works with the company “Lapsus” in the show “Le chant du vertige”, and continues to deform himself as a clown with Francis Farizon, Éric Blouet, Ami Hattab and Christophe Thellier.


  • Designer and artist :
  • Florent Lestage


With the support of: the Cie Lapsus, La maison des juglages, Extrême jonglerie, la Cave Po in Toulouse, la MJC Roguet in Toulouse

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