Call for projects


In order to support juggled creation, the Maison des Jonglages offers presentations of juggled projects. A meeting, during which companies that participate in the development of juggling present orally and in a friendly setting their current creative projects to professionals.

8 companies with a juggling creation project will present their project in front of an audience made up of professionals (programmers, places of residence and distribution, producers, artists), researchers and enlightened amateurs es.

The projects will be presented by at least one artist, accompanied, if possible, by his or her presenter. Because of the presence of foreign programmers, each company must present its project in French or English.

This year the 8 companies and their projects selected are :

  • Carlo Cerato with Llabyellov
  • Cie Platatà with The fourth hypothesis
  • Cie si j’y suis with Hélix
  • Collectif Petit Travers with Nos matins intérieurs
  • LPM Company with Petroleo
  • Protocol Collective with The Longest Day
  • Diagonal of the void with C’est l’hiver le ciel est bleu
  • Kathrin Wagner with I was told

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