Cie Endogène

40 minutes / From 6 years old / Festival

  • Creation 2022, Medium size, Public space, Room
  • Balls
  • Text
  • Circular
  • Heart of the festival, Outside the Walls


UmWelt : Juggled Soliloquy

Homo Jonglisticus. How many generations do we have to go back to find non-human, or even non-primate, forefathers and foremothers? Which of these forefathers and foremothers invented the opposable thumb for hands and feet, and especially which one gave up the one for feet… As a juggler, I think it was a very bad idea, and, in order to repair this insult, I decide today, to change my way of understanding my environment and thus to become “the first mammal of a new line of mammals… of juggling mammals!

Endogenous Company

Morgan first trained at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Brest before joining the Lido – Centre des arts du cirque de Toulouse – (2001).

Co-founder member of the company
with whom he created 3 shows :
Tourne Autour
Who Goes On ?
(Young Circus Talents 2004) and
His juggling solo
will be widely rewarded at the 29th World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow (2008), and played more than 400 times in about twenty countries.

In 2012, with the visual artist Céline Couronne, they created the company Endogène, with which they imagined installations/performances, a short film and a show :
Mu Arae
, a dive into the infinitely small and the infinitely large thanks to a machinery of 100 suspended and motorized porcelain balls.


At the same time, since 2003, he has been leading numerous workshops and master classes in France and abroad on juggling research, and supervising circus research laboratories for CircusNext, La Grainerie and Studio Pact.
In 2015, he became the referent teacher for the 2nd and 3rd year jugglers at ESACTO. It also launches out in actions of mediation near various public, accompanies various projects in external glance, and, in 2022 finds with the creation for
Juggled soliloquy.


  • By and with :
  • Morgan Cosquer
  • Co-directed by :
  • Nicanor De Elia
  • scenography :
  • Céline Couronne
  • Construction :
  • Victor Chesneau
  • Sound creation :
  • Joan Cambon
  • Production manager :
  • William Cohen
  • General management :
  • Timothée Loustalot Gares


Coproductions :Maison des Jonglages-Scène conventionnées Jonglage – La Courneuve
Dommelhof Circuswerkplaats -Neerpelt (Belgium)

Supported by DRAC Occitanie as part of its support for creation, with the assistance of the Occitanie Region.
Mira Miro Circuswerkplaats – Ghent (Belgium)
La Grainerie – Circus arts and itinerancy factory – Balma
Poly Sons in St Affrique
Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory / La nouvelle Digue
The Commune and the MJC of Montastruc la Conseillère

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