©Corinne Svala

Tutti Frutti


50 mins / From 6 years old / Festival

  • Long form, Public space
  • Balls, Clown, Rings
  • Frontal
  • Heart of the festival


Tutti Frutti is a sort of salad of improbable ingredients, sprinkled with spontaneity and absurd logic. An explosive formula to make you giggle and grit your teeth at the same time.

A societal satire of power and domination between protagonists, each more megalomaniac and egocentric than the last. Obsessed with juggling and manipulating objects of all kinds, they give way to euphoric buffoonery.

Corrosive, liberating humor!


LPM, Los Putos Makinas, is a collective of juggling circus artists, initially co-founded around the trio PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW with Andres Torres Diaz, Lucas Castelo Branco and Johannes Bauhofer. This all-terrain show has been presented more than 150 times around the world, since 2017. Juan Duarte Mateos joined the crew to create TUTTI FRUTTI, released in 2020. More recently, LPM member Gonzalo Fernandez Rodriguez has joined the PETROLEO duo. LPM’s signature style is a high-drama staging that serves up a satirical message. In the burlesque register, we cohabit in the world of the absurd to denounce the inconsistencies that condition our lives.



  • By and with :
  • Lucas Castelo Branco
  • Juan Duarte Mateos
  • Johannes Bauhofer
  • Andres Torres Diaz
  • Rodrigo Gil
  • External perspective :
  • Marie-Céline Daubagna
  • Lights creation :
  • Alrik Raynaud
  • Technical :
  • Samy Hidous
  • German Larsen
  • Costumes :
  • Ana Kemp
  • Distribution & production :
  • Caroline Pelat
  • Administration :
  • Le Chalumeau - Marie Gourde


Accompaniment Studio PACT (Pépinières des Arts du Cirque Toulousaine) ESACTO-Lido and Grainerie _ artistic, outside view and writing assistance: Marie-Céline Daubagna – structuring and development: Lorraine Burger

Creative support: Région Occitanie, Département de la Haute-Garonne, Ville de Toulouse

Co-producers: CLAPS Spettacolo dal Vivo Brescia (IT), Teatro Comunale Città de Vicenza (IT), La Verrerie d’Ales Pôle National de Cirque (30)

Support for creation and distribution : CLAPS Spettacolo dal Vivo Brescia (IT), Dynamo (DK), Esacto-Lido (31), l’Association Sarabanda (IT), l’Ecole de cirque Piste d’Azur (06), l’Espace Catastrophe (BE), l’Open Festival de Mantova (IT), La Grainerie (31), la Maison des Jonglages (93), la MJC de Montastruc (31), La Verrerie d’Ales Pôle National de Cirque (30), le Pari Tarbes (65), City of Toulouse Centre Culturel Les Mazades (31), La Virgule (31), Centre Cutuel Jean Vilar (94), Théâtre du Grand Rond (31), Théâtre du Sorano (31), Théâtre Marcel Pagnol (31), Teatro Comunale Città de Vicenza (IT), Occitanie en Scène, Institut Français de Serbie.

Patrons: Play Juggling and Cluster Chimie Verte

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