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Tray Small Medium Formats

Cie WCS ; Ariane Oechsner ; Félix Didou

60 mins / For all / Festival

  • Act, Medium size, Small format
  • Balls, Newspaper
  • Frontal
  • Heart of the festival


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  • Houdremont Cultural Center, La Courneuve
  • Sunday 10 April 2022 / 15:00
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    Courneuve residents: 10€
    Reduced price & Taxes: 6€
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Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing is a set of rhythmic, timed circus feats. Through juggling, these two characters will try to dilate time, but also to stop it or speed it up. While offering historical anecdotes. This show questions the use of time: why do a lot of things if you can just as well do nothing? How long can we stay focused on the same situation? What is a reasonable, normal or suitable duration?


Ariane presents an excerpt from Dis.cover , a show that raises the question of the construction of the female body and the stereotypes and archetypes attached to it.

The artist experiments with veiling and revealing herself: she hides and reveals body parts, movements and manipulations of objects. The audience discovers a multidimensional person, full of conflicts and paradoxes – a female body full of strange abilities, bizarre flaws and whimsical movements. Dis.cover is a juggled show that questions the gaze and perception of the public. A small, modest form, calm, political and a bit funny.

Daily Extra

Back home, a lonely man whose only attachment to the world is his newspapers finds his apartment ransacked. In his quest to elucidate the reason for this chaos, the elements will gradually turn against him.

Are we playing a bad joke on him or is he going crazy?

Félix Didou constructed this issue as fantastic news. By altering public perception through magic, it is difficult to determine the line between reality and hallucination.

L’Extra Quotidien is the preparatory act for the show Un jour de Neige which will be released in October 2022.


  • By and with :
  • Juan Duarte Mateos et Namer Golan (Perfect timing)
  • Ariane Oechsner (Dis.cover)
  • Félix Didou (L'extra quotidien)
  • Outside look :
  • Domingos Leconte (L'extra quotidien)


Cie WCS : La Loterie Nationale d’Israël // Ministère de la Culture d’Israël // Théâtre Tmoona // La Maison des Jonglages, scène conventionnée la Courneuve // La Virgule, fabrique de théâtre indépendant

Ariane Oechsner: Tollhaus Karlsruhe (DE) // Maison des Jonglages (FR) // Berlin Circus Festival (DE) // Salla 100 (HRV) // Chamäleon Theater Berlin (DE) // Circus Re:Searched supported by Cirqu’Aarau (CH) // Zirkusquartier Zürich (CH) // Kaskade Festival (AT) // Sandkasten Syndikat* (AT) // Urhof 20 (AT) // TRAP (AT) // Katapult (DE) // Manege at Festival On the Edge supported by KreativKultur (AT) // ESACTO’Lido Project Formalization (FR)

Félix Didou: Regional Center for Circus Arts Lomme (59) // Olympia Hall, Lomme (59) // Maison Folie Beaulieu, Lomme (59) // Massenet Theater, Lille (59) // Dance Creation, Marcq-en- Baroeul (59) // Tandem National Stage, Douai (59) // Le Boulon National Center for Street Arts, Vieux-Condé (59)

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