Dimas Tivane

30 mins / From age 3 / Festival / Résidence

  • Creation 2024, Medium size, Public space
  • Balls
  • Live music
  • Heart of the festival, Outside the Walls


NKAMA is a juggling, rhythm and dance solo in which Dimas Tivane questions time and the different ways in which we perceive and perceive it. He uses juggling as rhythm, and voice to improvise from the trajectory of objects and the sound they produce. The nature of the sound of each object leads it to create music.

Nkama means “Time” in Changana, the traditional language spoken in southern Mozambique, where Dimas comes from. Music and dance are part and parcel of everyday life in Mozambique.

Dimas Tivane

Dimas Tivane attended the Centre Culturel Franco-Mozambicain in Maputo, where he began juggling in 2011. He became a juggler-performer in three shows directed by Cie TG: Maputo-Mozambique in 2013 with over 200 performances: Avignon Off, Musée du Quai Branly, Bouffes du nord… but also in Petite Rêverie in 2019 and Rêverie in 2020. He has collaborated with Leïla Martial in a trio of improvised music and juggling. Dimas is currently performing with the English company GANDINI JUGGLING(Smashed) and collaborating with Cie DEFRACTO on two projects.


  • Author, composer, performer :
  • Dimas Tivane
  • Artistic collaborator :
  • Emilie Saccoccio
  • Choreographic support :
  • Satchie Noro
  • External perspective :
  • Guillaume Martinet
  • Musician, composer :
  • Exxos Metkakola
  • Outside views juggling :
  • Tom Neyret
  • Anthony Salgueiro
  • Delegated production :
  • Les Noctambules


La Maison des Jonglages (93), Latitude Cirque (St-Laurent-du-Maroni-Guyane), Metis’Gwa (Guadeloupe), Cie Defracto (92), circusnext (75), Coopérative de Rue de Cirque (75), Corpsaccord (76)

Pre-selected project circusnext 2024

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