Moon / lunar cabinet of curiosities

Cie Barks - Bastien Dausse

30 mins / For all / Festival

  • Medium size, Public space
  • Balance
  • Without words
  • Circular
  • Heart of the festival


MoonIt’s a constellation of small antigravity shapes. A cabinet of mechanical and organic curiosities, just like our constantly evolving universe, to explore and contemplate. It’s a search for moments of lightness, where we allow ourselves to dream of an everyday life with infinite physical possibilities. Each of the mechanisms imagined by Bastien Dausse provides a new answer to the question: how do you defy gravity? The acrobats question this new physicality made possible by machines, poking fun at it and making it their own.

Barks Company

Compagnie Barks is a contemporary circus company created around the desire to play with gravity. Bastien Dausse created the show “Les idées grises” with François Lemoine in 2016. This first show has been performed around a hundred times in France and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy), and the short form was notably presented in 2016 at the Avignon Festival IN.


Bastien Dausse continues his research by developing new projects. Balance is at the heart of his work, and he plays with gravity by combining acrobatic material with scenography, sculpture, science and other genre encounters. Based on this research, he created the show “Moon / cabinet de curiosités lunaires” in 2022. Conceived as an acrobatic and mechanical exhibition, it features multiple performances based on antigravity machines that challenge the laws of physics and question our relationship with everyday life.


  • Writing & conception :
  • Bastien Dausse
  • External perspective :
  • Satchie Noro
  • Perfomer :
  • Bastien Dausse
  • Morgane Maret
  • Julieta Salz
  • Alvaro Valdés
  • Romane Vivier (en alternance)
  • Construction :
  • Pierre-Yves Aplincourt
  • Oliver Zimmerman & Association La Molette – Sébastien Leman
  • Costumes :
  • Raffaëlle Bloch
  • Distribution & production :
  • Raffaëlle Bloch


UP – Circus & Performing Arts (Brussels, BE), Espace Périphérique (Paris, FR), CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne (Créteil, FR), La Verrerie d’Alès – Pôle National du Cirque Occitanie (Alès, FR), Le Plongeoir – Cité du Cirque, Pôle Cirque ( Le Mans, FR), Animakt (Saulx-les-Chartreux, FR), Les Noctambules – Lieu de Fabrique (Nanterre, FR), Latitute 50 – Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue (BE), Vertical Détour / Le Vaisseau – Fabrique artistique au Centre de Réadaptation de Coubert (Coubert, FR), Colombier- Magnanville – Résidences 22-23 (Magnanville, FR) & Cir’cuit – Network for outdoor circus (BE)

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